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The Therapycast

Oct 28, 2019

In today's show, Peter Mabbutt talks to therapist and author Adrian Muxlow who has developed a programme to help those living with diabetes called the Hypno-fast Programme. He’s also published the programme in his book The Hypno-fast Programme: The Easy Way to Beat Type 2 Diabetes, and we discuss how this came about...

Oct 1, 2019

In this show Peter Mabbutt talks to author and psychologist Dr James Cowart  about his book ABCS of Coping with Anxiety: Using CBT to Manage Stress and Anxiety.

Dr Cowart’s book is available from:


El Sonido de la Vida by Mexican singer...

Sep 3, 2019

In today’s show we have an interview with Mark Leahy where we talk about the psychological impact that paramedics experience as a result of their profession.

Contact mark on

Tel: 07824 554418


The Way I Feel from the album Good Graces by Chicago-based singer...

Aug 27, 2019

In this podcast I explore some of the latest ideas regarding depression and share a fellow podcasters experience of living with and being treated for depression.


A Strong Will is Needed by Derek Clegg

DumTeeDum Podcast

Dum Tee Dum can be...

Jul 22, 2019

Mixing the world of finance with hypnotherapy, can it be done? Find out in this episode of The Therapycast where I interview financial planner, wealth and investment coach and hypnotherapist Jonathan Kattenberg.

You can contact Jonathan by visiting www.lifewealthcoaching.comor sending an email to